So much to do, so little time! This week Lee and myself have been on it, as we try and catch up with other crews in preparing for the race.

We still have a shortfall in cash, but I think as long as we take care of what needs to be done to make sure the boat is ready and things that have long lead times are booked, the sponsors will come eventually.

So what have we been up to this week? Just a few things:

  • sanded the daggerboard that had been previously varnished (!) ready for some marine paint.
  • Solidified more details on shipping the boat to the start
  • Ordered fire extinguishers, torches etc to check off as much as we can on the scrutineering list
  • Continuing to get the old vinyl off the boat
  • Met with Jim Macdonald from Mactra Marine to discuss our water maker requirements
  • Sent off the rudder for repair or a new one made
  • Aired out the hatches in the sun
  • Continuing to get to try and source a boat cover
  • Planning the rewiring of the boat electrics
  • Looking into battery solutions
  • Trying to loan a 4x4 for the next month

The list goes on. All the while if I'm not too tired at the eand of the day I try and add more functionality to the site.

I pretty much had a killer headache tonight from thinking - as soon as I put my phone down and stopped looking at my computer it subsided.

The official race promotional video is oot now and I managed to make the cut, well, for one word anyway!