I have sky dived, bungee jumped and numerous great white shark dives, however that was the most I have ever been scared in my life..laser eye surgery – thank God it’s over and done with.

Last week: I finished working as a teacher and decided to get Lasik eye surgery, not great for the training schedule however decided to plod on anyway.

It was more of the unknown that was the horrible part!

1 hour after the op: it is pretty sore now though, so just chilling in the house with my sun glasses on and the lights down low! nurse Anne Marie is taking good care of me #blessHer

It’s just not a nice feeling because you don’t know what’s happening, you have your eyes clamped open and people prodding, poking, squirting with cold water, then flashing lights then having a blade swiped across then more flashing lights, then what was like a tattoo gun going off, all my vision went black then the smell of burning flesh! it was just all round unpleasant.

Yesterday: went back for the 2 week post op check – They are very happy with the results!