The site update is complete, I may as well fire out a quick blog update before I call it a night.

With only 60 days to go before we're due at La Gomera time is moving rapidly!

There is an infinite list of things to do, the most important of which is to somehow source another £20k. It would be nice to make that £60k so that we can not only sort the rest of the kit and logistics out, but we can remove the dependency on loans before we head out.

It has been a long arduous year or so with regards to making this project work. There has been no shortage of people who have told me this would be impossible, or this will never happen. Each time I (and since the lads came on board - we) found a way to smash through the obstacles in the way.

I'll be brain-dumping quite a bit over the next week in these blogs. There is much to discuss.

Time for bed.